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Периодичность – 2 раза в год.
Издается с 2014 года.

Рейтинг статей журнала

АвторНазвание статьиГод, номерКоличество скачиваний
1Elizbar Sh. Elizbarashvili[Грузия], Аvtandil G. Amiranashvili[Грузия], Otar Sh. Varazanashvili[Грузия], Nino S. Tsereteli[Грузия], Mariam E. Elizbarashvili[Грузия], Shalva E. Elizbarashvili[Грузия], Mixail G. Pipia[Грузия]Hailstorms in the Territory of Georgia2014, June1380
2Elizbar Sh. Elizbarashvili[Грузия], Mariam E. Elizbarashvili[Грузия], Ekaterina G. Khutsishvili[Грузия], Cira J. Kamadadze[Грузия], Nana Z. Chelidze[Грузия]The Potential of Georgia’s Climatic Resources2015, March1372
3Elena V. Tarasova[Россия], Svetlana M. Grivanova[Россия], Igor Y. Grivanov[Россия], Larisa S. Tsvetlyuk[Россия]A Survey of Research Concerned with the Study of Modern Climate Change and Assessment of Its Impact on Tourism, Recreation, and Sports2015, March1361
4Alexander S. Bolkhovitinov[США]Approximation and Modeling of “Shark Tooth” Stalactites Using Griewank Function & Particle Swarm Optimization Approach (Short Note for Geophysical Structure Modeling)2014, December1336
5Nikolay A. Bityukov[Россия], Nina M. Pestereva[Россия]Use of Recreational Resources on Protected Natural Areas of Federal Significance (case study: Krasnodar Region)2014, September1312
6E.G. Loktionova[Россия], V.A. Andrianov[Россия], L.V. Yakovleva[Россия]Pollution of Volga Delta Watercourses With Heavy Metals2014, March1309
7Z.V. Elchaninova[Россия], Irina S. Sharova[Россия]Evaluation of Hydrological Regime Volga River in the Astrakhan Region2014, June1309
8Aleksandr N. Barmin[Россия], Eugeniy A. Kolchin[Россия], Nikolai S. Shuvaev[Россия], Inna V. Buzyakova[Россия]The Analysis of Natural Hazards on the Territory Astrakhan Region2014, September1309
9Valeriy V. Zanozin[Россия], Michail M. Iolin[Россия], Inna V. Buzyakova[Россия], Victor V. Zanozin[Россия]Aspects of Morphological Structure of Zonal and Intrazone Landscapes of Northern Caspian Region2014, September1309
10Nguyen Thanh Son[Вьетнам], Le Duc Loc[Вьетнам]Application of Thermal Remote Sensing in Mapping Land Surface Temperature Distribution Map in Bac Binh District (Binh Thuan Province)2015, March1309

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