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4 December 30, 2015

1. Yuriy V. Agarkov, Andrey Yu. Agarkov
Principles of Paleontological and Biological Databases

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(8), Is. 4, pp. 156-167.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.8.156CrossRef

In this paper we consider the structure of the universal synonymical and alternative-synonimical informational system. The purpose of the system is to store any information in the field of natural sciences. We describe main and associated storage objects, types of the tables for input/output and data structure of the basic dictionary of species, auxiliiary dictionaries, bibliographies and blocks of temporl-spatial spread.

URL: http://ejournal9.com/journals_n/1452642022.pdf
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2. Elena M. Chernykh, Natalia V. Klavdieva
Attributes for Lithologic Collections of Oil-gas Сomplex

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(8), Is. 4, pp. 168-174.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.8.168CrossRef

In the article, the authors describe the attributes for lithologic collections of oil-gas complex that are formed by samples of core from deep oil-gas cores stored in the Federal Fund of well core, paleontologic and lithologic collections and collections of oil from Russian oil-gas provinces. The data object "Lithologic collection" includes 15 attributes, and the object "Lithologic sample" – 29 attributes. All attributes are characterized by data type and field length. During the period of 2012–2015, seven lithologic collections were formed. They include 416 samples from investigated oil-gas complexes of the Northern Caucasus, Volga-Urals, Caspian, Timan-Pechora, Lena-Tunguska oil-gas provinces, Khatanga-Vilyui gas-oil province and Nadym-Poore oil-gas region of Western Siberia oil-gas province.

URL: http://ejournal9.com/journals_n/1452642278.pdf
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3. Aleksei V. Egoshin
Modeling of Spatial Distribution of Adventive Species on the Territory of Big Sochi

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(8), Is. 4, pp. 175-180.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.8.175CrossRef

The article presents the results of the analysis of the species composition of invasive flora of the Russian Black Sea coast. Bioclimatic, ecological and geographical requirements for the most aggressive invasive species are given. Most subjects of invasive species naturalized in the south of the Russian Black Sea coast, historically confined to the biome deciduous temperate forests. Bioclimatic conditions of the south of the Russian Black Sea coast are suitable for the majority of alien species that creates the preconditions for the further spread of these species in the course of human development of the territory. As a result of climate change, conditions in the south of the Russian Black Sea will become even more comfortable for the spread of invasive species.

URL: http://ejournal9.com/journals_n/1452642355.pdf
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4. Natalia V. Klavdieva
Dataware for Corestorage in the Branch "Aprelevka Department of VNIGNI"

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(8), Is. 4, pp. 181-187.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.8.181CrossRef

Federal Fund of well cores, paleontologic and lithologic collections and collections of oil from Russian oil-gas provinces operates on the base of the Branch "Aprelevka Department of VNIGNI". To provide its operation, "client-server" type informational system was elaborated with the possibility of remote access. Databases are created and filled up constantly for whole range of stored well cores, lithologic collections, slices of rocks, paleontologic collections, well-logging records, archive of geologic-geophysic documentation. The scheme of the informational system is described in the paper. Potential users of the data are the Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency of Russia with its territorial branches, funds of geologic information, corestorages, scientific research centres, subsoil using organizations, and institutes of higher education.

URL: http://ejournal9.com/journals_n/1452642423.pdf
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5. Galina A. Soltani, Irina V. Annenkova
Documentation of the Collections of Botanical Gardens

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(8), Is. 4, pp. 188-194.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.8.188CrossRef

At present, one of the problems of documenting collections of botanical gardens is the absence of systematization of plants, which would be generally accepted by the scientific community. Database information retrieval system "THEPLANTLIST is used to manage collections of the parks "Dendrarium" and "Southern cultures" of Sochi national Park. Database THEPLANTLIST was recommended by the Council of Botanical gardens of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to verify the nomenclature of the taxa. Additional sources are Database Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), Agricultural Department and RHS Plant Finder and Royal horticultural society. Alongside, we cannot reject the system of Asian botanists, because it limits the collections and will cause problems when restoring data. Monitoring collections is achieved by using applications developed on the basis of the geographic information system ArcGIS. Documenting botanical collections at the modern stage depends on subjective views of botanist.

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