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3 September 21, 2015

1. Elizbar Sh. Elizbarashvili, Mariam E. Elizbarashvili, Nana Z. Chelidze, Cira J. Kamadadze
The Climate of Soils in Adjara

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(7), Is. 3, pp. 114-127.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.7.114CrossRef

The climatic regime of soils in Adjara is examined. There are studied the soil heating coefficient, the peculiarities of heat exchange in the soil-air system, the effect of soil type and terrain altitude on temperature, as well as regularities of heat distribution in top and deep soil layers and soil humidity conditions. The climatic zoning of soils of Adjara is made.

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2. Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović
Structural Changes in Livestock Production in Montenegro (2004–2012): A Review

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(7), Is. 3, pp. 128-136.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.7.128CrossRef

This paper analyzes the structural changes of livestock production in Montenegro in the period 2003 - 2012 years. To get adequate picture the structure of agricultural land and structural changes in livestock Montenegro in 2004 and 2012 year we applied the method of alternating splitter in the system found the following and 6/6 trends. The structure of use agricultural land prevailing O1L2P3 uniformly pasturing trends using agricultural land with a greater share of meadows and participation arable land in 2003 which remained without changes in 2012. While in the structure of changes in livestock recommend 2004 direction with equal participation of breeding bovine animals and sheep farming 03 G3 which is in the year 2012 in the transformed in 03 G2 K1 direction with equal participation of sheep farming with higher participation herding bovine animals and participation of goat breeding. Montenegro towards membership in the EU will have to comply with the requirements and standards of the EU, which will significantly change the situation in the Montenegrin livestock, which will include the restructuring and diversification of existing livestock production with a view to harmonizing it with the EU standards, increasing quality and productivity, competitiveness development and training for the occurrence outside (global) market.

URL: http://ejournal9.com/journals_n/1445341726.pdf
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3. Le Hung Trinh, Danh Tuyen Vu
Application of Remote Sensing Technique to Detect Copper Mineral based Principal Component Analysis and Band Ratio Methods. A Case Study: Laocai Province, Vietnam

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(7), Is. 3, pp. 137-145.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.7.137CrossRef

Remote sensing technology with advantages such as wide area coverage and short revisit interval has been used effectively in the study of mineral mining and exploration. This article presents study on application of principle component analysis and band ratio method to detect copper mineral using multispectral image LANDSAT 7 ETM+ in Laocai province, the Northern of Vietnam. The results which are obtained in this study can be used to create distribution copper map, and to serve mineral mining and exploration.

URL: http://ejournal9.com/journals_n/1445341811.pdf
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4. U. Wali, M.A. Modibbo
Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Public Portable Water Sources in Misau Town, Bauchi State, Nigeria

European Geographical Studies, 2015, Vol.(7), Is. 3, pp. 146-152.
DOI: 10.13187/egs.2015.7.146CrossRef

Access to adequate, safe and equitable distribution of water is fundamental in supporting live hood. The concern about access to water is premised on its multifacet effects on health and well being of man. This paper analyzed the spatial distribution of public portable water sources of Misau town in Bauchi state Nigeria. Location of existing public water points were mapped and analyzed using GIS techniques to guide decision in the study area. The public water taps, bore holes and open wells numbering 33, 59, and 48 respectively were mapped and 200m buffering was made to check their accessibility and adequacy or otherwise. The result indicates areas of high concentration and those lacking the infrastructure visa avis the population density on physical development. The maps and the analysis affirmed the versatility of GIS managerial tool in water distribution management of Misau town.

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